Click-Saving Features from PrognoCIS EHR Software


Click-Saving Features from PrognoCIS EHR Software


Click-Saving Features Your Practice

As a medical practitioner, your primary focus is on delivering patient care. Ours is on delivering you the best possible EHR software. We at PrognoCIS EHR know that every second counts, and we are always working to help you optimize practice efficiency and save administrative time with new features. From hardware interfaces to customized configurations, we aim to bring you the latest application enhancements to help you complete your charts with fewer clicks. To learn about a feature, click on one of the links below:

Save Clicks with Hardware Interfaces in PrognoCIS

PrognoCIS EHR offers integration with various medical devices for easy data collection. We have integrated these hardware interfaces in order to save clicks in PrognoCIS Occupational Medicine EHR.

  • Health-O-Meter Scale: the scale interface enables vitals to automatically be entered into patient charts
  • ProBP Blood Pressure Reader: get blood pressure details in PrognoCIS and use the grid functionality to organize the data and identify abnormalities
  • Depisteo Vision Screener: screen and diagnose patients based on vision readings and have PrognoCIS pull the details

Click-Saving Custom ICD Codes

The ICD Master Screen has been updated with two new fields for ICD-10 and SNOMED in order to associate them with the related ICD-9 code. The ICD-10 popup search box now also displays the full name of the code for easier identification. Saving your custom codes enables you to quickly access them in the future with a few clicks instead of writing out the code each time.

Employer Portal Saves Clicks With Ease

The Employer Portal enables Occupational Medicine providers to securely share required medical information with patients’ employers who are registered with the clinic. Providers save clicks by using the employer portal instead of searching for patient charts and sharing via email. Employers can easily access:

  • Patient Visit Documents
  • Invoices with Claims
  • Outstanding Payments

This feature allows employers to track employee health and medical finances.

New Order Management UI Saves Clicks

The Order Management screen in PrognoCIS Denali EHR has been redesigned for easier access to Lab, Radiology, Consult, and Procedure orders. The new UI displays tabs for each order type, enables easy selection and placing of orders, and an accordion panel to quickly modify details and place an order in just a few clicks.

EOB/ERA Processing in Just a Few Clicks

The single claim posting feature in PrognoCIS Denali enables practitioners to post a single claim instead of waiting for the entire batch to be approved. Instead of having to unpost all claims, you can save clicks by editing a single claim without affecting the rest of the batch.

Quick Clicks to Customized Statements

New statement types allow providers the flexibility to show Insurance Balances and Running Patient Balances on statements. For multi-location practices, PrognoCIS Denali also enables generating statements by Locations, Business Units, Rendering Doctors, or Attending Providers. These can be generated individually or scheduled to be automatically generated on regular intervals such as weekly, monthly, etc. to save you time.