Internal Medicine EHR Software

Customizes your workflow to meet your requirements and your patients.

Internal Medicine EHR software

Internal medicine providers cover an extensive range of ailments affecting the internal organs of the body. Internal Medicine physicians, or internists, use knowledge and skill to diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases including complex illnesses in chronically ill patients, to short-term care for adults. They conduct routine care as well as manage disease prevention.

PrognoCIS understands the support and cares that Internists and their clinic provide to their patients. Our Internal medicine EHR is therefore built with custom features, reports, and templates to match your personalized needs and provide easy access to patient history, treatment, test results and more. Internal medicine EHR offers a wide range of diagnostic tests, and therapeutic and monitoring technology and treatments, including annual health evaluations, blood pressure monitoring, and more.

Internal Medicine EHR Software Workflow:

  • common complaints: asthma, bronchitis, etc.
  • procedure templates cervical cone biopsy, colposcopy, etc.
  • anatomical diagrams
  • health screenings: osteoporosis, breast cancer, etc.
  • admin templates: Benadryl, insulin, etc.