Account Resolution Services

Accelerate Patient Payments with TSI – Collections

Solution Highlights

Accelerate patient communication for shorter billing cycles.


Patients with an account over 30 days past due generally only receive a monthly statement from the practice, which often times leads towards 90 days without account activity. This service will accelerate contact with the patient with 3 reminder letters, and 2 live phone calls on behalf of the practice. The account is established with a flat fee, and the practice maintains full accounting control as well as 100% of all recovered amounts for immediate cash flow. For a small practice to mimic this amount of communication for a small list of delinquent accounts would consume an enormous amount of administrative time and resources that could instead be applied to positive patient care.

Profit Recovery

Also known as “Soft Collections”, this service is for when patients are unresponsive to the “Accelerator” service. Typically, this is used for accounts more than 120 days past due, but less than 1 year. The service consists of 5 collection contacts, choosing between 5 letters or 3 letters and 2 live phone calls, to the patient for payment recovery. The practice maintains full control and keeps 100% of all recovered amounts for immediate cash flow.


This service is a second round of collections for “high-risk” accounts that have been unresponsive to previous attempts. Though available at any time, this service is best used for accounts over 1 year old. TSI’s internal collections division will be in direct contact with these accounts including services such as skip tracing, asset discovery, and legal efforts. The Collections service is FREE and your portion of the recovery will be mailed to you the following month.

Insurance Resolution

Having difficulty getting paid on time by an insurance company? This service is available to all practices and can assist with slow paying insurance companies for a small flat fee, typically less than $13 per account.


  • TSI is the leading provider of outsourced accounts receivable management to improve operational efficiency and accelerate medical cash flow from delinquent patients. Setting up an account with TSI is easy for any PrognoCIS EHR software user – just fill out the form. Prognocis EHR medical billing software can work with TSI services as simple as running a report and performing an easy upload, and for medical billing service accounts – their account manager can handle all the details.
  • TSI is HIPAA compliant, and their clients include Fortune 100 corporations, national healthcare systems, financial institutions, large-scale governmental organizations, and small medical practices of any clinical specialty. TSI services are designed to accelerate patient payments by increasing communications using a polite but effective protocol. This saves the practice time and resources to focus on providing services and increasing revenue.

Download our Accelerate Patient Debt Collection Webinar Slides.

Webinar: Accelerate Patient Debt Collection

  • PrognoCIS & TSI Partnership (1:24)
  • What Makes Collections Difficult (4:48)
  • Different Types of Payers (& TSI Solutions to Approach Them) (11:54)
  • The TSI Timeline (31:04)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (38:30)