PrognoCIS Esignatures

PrognoSign eSignature

Previously, all PrognoCIS users had to electronically sign documents using only their signature pad. Users are now able to electronically sign documents using a computer mouse, stylus, or tablet via the PrognoSign feature of PrognoCIS.

By using our new eSignature feature, you can prepare and manage documents for your patients from your computer or mobile device anytime, anywhere. The result: no time or money wasted on slow, error-prone, paper-based processes and no money spent on shipping and supplies. By removing the high price of printing, faxing, and overnighting, you’ll see a significant per document savings.

Signing and completing documents using PrognoSign is a faster, more convenient way to interact with you. Plus you can reach your patients no matter where they’re located or what device they use. This platform will help you meet HIPAA compliance requirements by controlling the signing process and ensuring all information is authenticated, remaining both private and secure.

With PrognoSign, you’ll gain control and visibility over every aspect of transactions—who sees which document, when they see it, and who can sign. When a document is out for signature, you’ll have complete, real-time visibility into its status. You’ll know who has signed, who has declined, and who’s next in turn to sign. You can also make changes and corrections to a document at any point until the transaction is completed.