Pulmonology EHR Software

Customizes your workflow to meet your requirements and your patients.

Pulmonology EHR software

Pulmonology is an area of medicine that focuses on the health of the respiratory system. Pulmonologists have expertise in respiratory disorders that can be infectious, structural, inflammatory, as well as autoimmune in nature. Pulmonologists treat respiratory diseases ranging from asthma to tuberculosis.

PrognoCIS understands and caters to the specialized needs of a pulmonologist. Our Pulmonology EHR is therefore built with custom features, reports, and templates – our testing and procedure templates include but are not limited to: pulmonary function tests, bronchoscopy, chest fluoroscopy, chest ultrasound, chest X-ray, lung biopsy, lung scan, and more. PrognoCIS EHR also provides easy access to patient history, treatment, test results, and patient education material.
Visit the American Association for Respiratory Care or the American Thoracic Society

Pulmonology EHR Software Workflow:

  • Fully integrated pulmonary EHR and practice management solution; access patient records, document hospital rounds and prescribe medication remotely. Includes Rx Helper, a powerful prescription analytics tool that uses millions of de-identified prescriptions.
  • New and returning patient treatment plans for common HPI complaints: chest pain, dyspnea; and specialty templates: asthma routine visit, bronchoscopy report. Patient education materials are available; or import your own.